Campaigns - marketing, sales, customer service

Workshops - kick-off sessions, progress pumping stations, wash-ups

Market research - single question to complete PESTLE

Interim management - 'steady as she goes' to 'right this fast'

Assignments - medium term briefs, local or global

Long-term role - Board advisor to in-company facilitator / coach

Spot consultancy - single hour, single day, single week

Performance audits - strategy review or issue-based

B2B Industrial Science & Engineering marketing & sales

for a single major sale,   a product / service line,   an entire business unit

Technical and Commercial effectiveness are vital, but they will produce zero... without Sales

The Tools

Quality of Sales Financial Performance RatioTM

Sales Yield

Tool 1

Based on Economic Value-Add Accounting, the ratio highlights the real rate of return on investment in a product, sales campaign, or business unit over the business cycle.

Customer Premium MountainTM

Portfolio Analysis

Tool 2

Of Customers or Products or Sales, in price / profitability bands.

It brings clarity to actual current customer-rated positioning and priority, and so acts as an actions-driver and progress monitor.

Proposition 1-10-100 MatrixTM

Factor Analysis

Tool 3

A summary of the requirements to achieve Sales at the 3 magnitudes of contract value.


It enables the degree of completeness and coherence of requirements to be illustrated and substantiated.

C-onTest BoxTM

Validated Proposition

Tool 4

A matrix of 18 factors that comprise a Value Proposition.

It tests the absolute and competitive applic-ability, win-ability, and deliver-ability of a Sale.


Complete Deal

Tool 5

The detailed schedule of what is offered to a customer, and who does what and takes what risks.


It enables both the customer and the vendor to quickly assess a Sale for a Go / No Go decision.

Coffee Table Convinced5 TM

Influence Analysis

Tool 6

A pictoral of a minimum 5 decision makers buy-states and means.


It charts the strength / weakness of current influence in a Sale and what can, and, is being done.


Plan & Budget

Tool 7

A chart of the customer’s buying process + KPIs, with requisite vendor actions + Gates.

It details the requisites + process, plans + actuals, of an entire Sales function.


Problem Solving

Tool 8

A 5-step method to solve then sell-in the solutions to operational and commercial multi-party problems.

It deals with both the problem and the sale, and charts actions, results, next steps.


People R&D

Tool 9

An analysis of the innate customer-centric capabilities of an individual, and the resultant optimal Sales Role of each person.

When aggregated, the profiles provide a matrix which enables a business unit to process optimise + cost minimise each of its 1-10-100 Sales.

SciSales7 TM

Sales R&D

Tool 10

A 7-step process to examine a Technology Road Map and from it originate, design, construct, test, deliver a set of Value Propositions.

Begun early enough, it buttresses commercially the Technology R&D and so guides and safeguards investors.


Plan & Budget

Tool 11

An analysis of Sales effectiveness.

It has 4 uses – ready reckoner for a single sale, business line, entire BU ; campaign planner ; R&D / TRL adjunct ; marketing & sales annual budgeting.  

6-SALTS Sales CampaignTM

Sales Management

Tool 12

A focused, structured, detailed approach to conducting a campaign – of whatever scale, nano to macro.

It enables monitoring & control of high-flux inputs and outputs, so managing expectations and budgets.


B2B business development Insights, Problem Solving and Sales Yields

Sales R&D to buttress Technology R&D
Business models & quantified value propositions
Planning and delivering B2B Sales Campaigns
Sales Roles & Teams profiling & coaching
Problem solving projects & workshops
Customer profit, plans, pricing
Maximising IP value

Innovation Crucible
The Innovation Crucible
Why and How B2B Sales are changing
Are your B2B Sales up to scratch

Entry into commercial maritime industry
UK MoD / QinetiQ
Maximising the full value of an IP portfolio
Expro Wireless Well
CEO, challenge my senior managers
Preparation of companies for sale
Design & delivery of global sales training
Verder Liquids
Test-market project of capital equipment new product
B & A Hydraulics

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