Campaigns - marketing, sales, customer service

Workshops - kick-off sessions, progress pumping stations, wash-ups

Market research - single question to complete PESTLE

Interim management - 'steady as she goes' to 'right this fast'

Assignments - medium term briefs, local or global

Long-term role - Board advisor to in-company facilitator / coach

Spot consultancy - single hour, single day, single week

Performance audits - strategy review or issue-based

...a single major sale,   a product / service line,   an entire business unit

B2B business development Insights, Problem Solving and Sales Yields

Organising Business Development Projects & People
Capabilities & Workshops for Problem Solving
Planning & Managing Sales Campaigns
Market Research & Test Marketing
Financial Analysis + Pricing
Licensing out IP

Entry into commercial maritime industry
UK MoD / QinetiQ
Maximising the full value of an IP portfolio
Expro Wireless Well
CEO, challenge my senior managers
Preparation of companies for sale
Design & delivery of global sales training
Verder Liquids


Big Data will increasingly change not just the production & maintenance of Industrial Equipment and Services,
but sales and supply-chain as well, particularly Scales of Sale.

Every innovation in Technology will have to be matched by commensurate increases in Touch
or else at best there will be customer disbelief / lower price or no deal,
or at worst dysfunctionality / increased costs of sale + failed deliveries, and no organic growth.

1-10-100 has a comprehensive and robust Business-to-Business Sales improvement methodology, plus 11 operational tools,
to address the organic business growth opportunities and issues of Tier 1 to Tier 12 companies.

If you want a B2B organic growth opportunity addressed, or issue resolved, please contact :

James Bromley

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